Escrow Rates



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Effective February 1st, 2017

For transactions of over >$1 million, please contact the Escrow Department.

**Escrow Fee May be Amended for Additional Work, Including but Not Limited to***

Commercial Properties, MBH Title Eliminations, Farm Sales, Escrow Holdbacks, 1031 Exchange Properties

All fees are a minimum quote.




Courtesy Signing Minimum of $150.00

Sub-Escrow $250.00

Short Sale Transaction $200.00 + tax

Mobile Home Charge add $200.00 plus government fees


Recording Fees

Deed $73.00 (per document for the 1st page + $1.00/additional page)

Deed of Trust $74.00 (per document for the 1st page + $1.00/additional page


REFINANCE ESCROW RATE. The escrow rate for residential refinance transactions shall be a minimum of $425.00 (plus applicable sales tax). Government recording fees are not included and are in addition to this rate.

COMPETITOR RATES. We reserve the right to match any written quote (that includes all ancillary fees) by a competitor.

DEVELOPMENT RATE. When the person or entity being charged qualifies for a discount under the Multiple Issue Section of the corresponding Title Rates Schedule, the fee charged for the escrow shall be $100.00. The escrow fee for the corresponding side shall be one half of the escrow fees as set forth in the general schedule.

MANUFACTURED HOME CHARGES. For transactions in which the title to a manufactured home is to be eliminated, there will be an additional charge of $200 plus government fees.

COURTESY SIGNING FEE. In the event that documents will be signed at this Company in connection with an escrow performed by an office that is not an affiliated office of this Company, the charge shall be a minimum of $150.00.

SHORT SALE TRANSACTION. The fee to accommodate a short sale transaction will be an additional $200.00+tax.

EMPLOYEE RATE. The employee’s portion of the escrow fee will be waived for employee of the Company of affiliated companies, when the transaction involves the refinance, sale or purchase of the employee’s primary residence.

If it is determined that additional work is required for a particular transaction, the company reserves the right to make additional charges as may be deemed necessary to properly compensate the Company for such additional work. Examples of same may be a substantial restructuring of the transaction subsequent to the original delivery of the Purchase and Sale Agreement, multiple redrafting of documents, extra services to coordinate with Section 1031 Facilitator Companies, payoffs for debts that are not liens on the land, assumption of post-closing responsibilities to hold and disburse a sum held back for a defined purpose, signing appointments outside business hours and assumption of additional document preparation responsibilities other than the sale and purchase money mortgage. If additional work charges become necessary, the parties will be advised of these additional charges as soon as possible.



Effective February 1st, 2017